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‘The Voice': Tony Lucca Final Four Interview

If former Mousketeer Tony Lucca ends up winning season two of THE VOICE, he might want to thank Christina Aguilera.

“This sort of unforeseen, bittersweet blessing of unsolicited criticism has been really great,” Lucca told us in an interview last week at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles.  “It has been helpful.  It has helped me structure a strategy.”

Last month, Christina — Lucca’s childhood co-star on THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB — began what turned into an apparent campaign to get him kicked off the show.

“I think regardless of her tone, (calling me Viagra Online) ‘one dimensional’ was impactful,” Lucca says.  “For her experience with me on the show up until that point, it was kind of one dimensional.  I was static.  I was coming out in a blazer each week and singing an epic weeping pop/rock song.  I didn’t show my ability to play guitar of command a band.  Or get out there with a mic stand and show some fancy footwork.  I have a rather large skill set and I hadn’t shown much of that.”

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