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‘The Voice': Meatloaf Lobbies For Coaching Job

Meat Loaf wants to mentor young singers

Watch out, Adam Levine.  Meat Loaf is gunning for your job.

The “Bat Out of Hell” rocker — and breakout star of last year’s CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — says he’d jump at the chance to become a mentor on NBC’s red hot singing show, THE VOICE.

“Do you know they asked me [to be a judge on AMERICAN IDOL] the second season? I turned them down,” he told Spinner.com.  “I am very analytical, it’s part of my problem, and it’s part of my strength Viagra — I over-analyze. But truthfully, I think THE VOICE is a better show. Man, I would love to be a mentor on that show. Let’s put that out there right now to anyone reading this. I would love it. I would take it so seriously, would work so hard and would give my heart and soul to that gig if I had it. I pride myself on being able to work like that. I love who they have on there now but if they had room, I’d do it. In a minute.”


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