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‘The Voice': First Look At The Battle Rounds

Angie Johnson and Cheesa from Team Cee Lo go head to head during the battle rounds on 'The Voice.'

The blind auditions are over.  Now the battles really begin — the much anticipated Battle Rounds, that is.

In a sneak preview released today by NBC, two members of Team Cee LoAngie Johnson and Cheesa — square off on Bonnie Tyler‘s “Total Eclipse of The Heart” to see who will survive and perform for America’s Online Casino votes during the live shows.

“What a great, great version of that song,” producer Mark Burnett tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve always loved that song. I thought it was a great, great choice that Cee Lo makes in that battle.”

“It’s tough to decide who should win,” he adds. “They’re still in competition, but they’re doing justice to the song and justice to Cee Lo. And working as a unit, which I think is such a great element of this show.”


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