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Predictions: Who Will Win ‘America’s Got Talent’?

Will Alonzo "Turf" Jones be the big winner on season 7 of 'America's Got Talent'? (Photo: NBC)

Now that the complete Top 48 list is revealed for Season 7, let’s take a look at who could walk away with the $1 million grand prize.

My Top 10 predictions take into account two performances so far: first auditions and the Vegas callbacks.

Results are based on the total level of talent displayed, reaction from the audiences and judges, and where similar acts from previous seasons have finished on the show. This year’s predictions also consider the fact that a multitude of changes have taken place in Season 7 — (such as a different judge, different location for the live shows, and therefore a somewhat different audience) — changes that may very well directly affect the final results in September.

***Disclaimer: My rankings are just simply predictions and are not based on actual voting results whatsoever.*** 

#1 Turf (Contortionist Dancer, 21)
A DANCER? WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yes. Obviously, he’s no singer, like Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Kevin Skinner, or Michael Grimm. However, Turf does possess the same level of enthusiasm, character, energy, confidence, and emotion as previous winners, and this is arguably the favorite act for the show’s newest judge. If long-time AGT fans and hardcore Howard Stern fans, respectively, can recognize that, then this contortionist could easily lock up the $1 Million.

#2 Tim Hockenberry (Singer/Pianist, 49)
Clearly, Hockenberry’s act fits the profile of the traditional winner of America’s Got Talent: a middle-aged, male, solo music artist who just wants a big break. But this is not a traditional year for the #1 summer show in America, as a shake-up in the overall audience can result in a shake-up in the voting results. Tim can still receive above-average fan support, but it may not be quite enough to seal the deal.

#3 The Untouchables (Dance Group, 8-13)
Looking back at some of last year’s voting results, this act is almost a guaranteed favorite among certain AGT fan bases, as they have the choreography of the Miami All-Stars and the adorability factor of Silhouettes. Though they may not necessarily win the million-dollar prize, The Untouchables are perhaps the most polished dance group in this year’s contest, automatically a potential candidate for the Finals.

#4 Aurora Light Painters (Light Artists, 38-46)
How many acts on the show have ever used mini-flashlights as paintbrushes and the air as a canvas? The answer: NONE. There is no other act in the history of the show like Aurora, just like there was never another act like Team iLuminate prior to last year, or like Fighting Gravity the year before. This is the most original act of Season 7, and the most original act generally reaches the Finals every generic india levitra year.

#5 Inspire the Fire (Singing/Dancing Group, 13-29)
After watching this act in their first audition and in Vegas week, one should easily realize by now that there is definitely an audience that already exists for these type of performers. And now that the popular hit show on FOX has just completed its third season last month, this is perhaps the perfect act for Glee fans to direct their attention towards for the remainder of the summer.

#6 Wordspit, the Illest! (Alternative Hip-Hop Band, 20-27)
Last year’s finalists Poplyfe proved just how far a band is capable of advancing on the show. But unlike the fourth place finishers of Season 6, the front man for this group is an emcee, and the history with rap artists on AGT is dreadful. Regardless, Howard Stern is a huge fan of the bands this season, and his backing is another major reason why this act makes the Top 10 right now.

#7 Maurice and Shanice Hayes (Vocal Duo, 62, 18)
A father and his daughter who refer to themselves as best friends, this act is certain to make a strong appeal to audiences all over America. It’s adorable. It’s relatable. And, combined with the fact that the daughter is arguably the best vocalist in the competition, this duo, according to Howie Mandel, delivered “the first real huge moment of season 7″ during their audition in St. Louis.

#8 Donovan & Rebecca (Acrobalance/Aerialist Duo, 44, 36)
This husband-and-wife duo truly impressed the judges with their physical strength during their acrobalance routine in their first audition. But what really makes this act promising is how they can apply that strength towards performing multiple stunts, which they displayed in Vegas week with the aerialist facet of the act. As a result, they are without question a Top 10 going into the live shows.

#9 William Close (Instrumentalist, 42)
Although his audition was sensational, remember one thing: he says that he plays INSTRUMENTS (plural). It is not yet known exactly what other instruments he plays and if they are as spectacular as the Earth Harp. Conversely, if he continues playing only the Earth Harp, this would make Close a one-trick pony, a snoozer as early as the Semi-Finals. He could eventually prove himself as a musical king, but he ranks in 9th for now.

#10 Tom Cotter (Comedian, 48)
Comedians do not have the best history on America’s Got Talent. The majority of them were usually eliminated in the first round of the live shows. However, none of those comics were anywhere near as polished, as experienced, and, most importantly, AS FUNNY as Tom Cotter. The odds of him winning the competition at this point are still very slim, but his skill level is good enough for now to make the Top 10.




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